MartensLA4 - a Forgetting to enter a check deposit or...

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1. Name all the parts of a check. a. Name and Address of account holder. b. Bank and Federal Reserve district number. c. Check Number d. Check Date. e. Check amount. f. Name of the person/company check is made out to. g. The amount of the check in words. h. Memo i. Bank number j. Account number k. Check number (again) l. Check amount after the check has been processed. m. Signature n. Check endorsement o. The date and bank where the check was deposited. p. The date the bank debited the payers account. 2. Name all the parts of a deposit slip. a. Name and address of depositor. b. Date c. Signature d. Account number
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e. Value of cash f. Value of checks g. Total h. Cash back i. Net deposit 3. List 3 reasons why a checking account does not balance.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Forgetting to enter a check, deposit or debit(card) transaction into the register. b. Forgetting to subtract ATM fees. c. Transposing numbers and or making addition and subtraction errors. 4. What is the importance of reconciling your checking account? a. Making sure people haven’t forged or altered your checks. b. So you don’t overdraft. 5. Application Problem: Give one example where you may use a concept found in this chapter. While depositing checks and cash I have had to fill out a deposit slip. I have also had to keep aware of my transactions....
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MartensLA4 - a Forgetting to enter a check deposit or...

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