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smruwmwwk ff*,* $s C3 #5-g#, Use the globalEDGE'' sire ,;':;;;;; ,il i.t,".u,", exerclses: 1. The globalizationofmultinationalcorporations im' pacts the product and service choices available to customers. As such, several classifications and rankings of multinational corporations are prepared bv a variew of sources. Find one such ranking system and identifu the criteria used in ranking top global companies. Although some of these rankings re- quire subscriptioru, find a freely available listing and extract the ranking of the top 25 companiespaying particular attention to their home countries. '€* $-fu€*r€k # **fu e * ffixp*a**E**e -stablished in Arkansas in 1'962 by Sam \7alton, over re last four decades Wal'Mart has grown rapidly to become :re largest retailer in the world with sales of $330 bil- . .-,n, 1.8 million associates (Wal'Mart's term for employ' =es), and almost 7,000 stores. Until 1991, Wal'Mart's .:erations were confined to the United States. There it =.tablisheda competitive advantage basedupon a com- :rnation of efficient merchandising, buying power, and ::rman relations policies. Among other things, Wal-Mart ,, as a leader in the implementation of information :',stems to track product sales and inventory, developed re of the most efficient distribution systems in the world, ,rJ was one of the first companies ro promote wide- ::read stock ownership among employees. These prac- ;es led to high productivity that enabled !7al-Mart to :rir-e down its operating costs, which it passed on to : - nsumers in the form of everyday low prices, a strategy :-.at enabled the company to gain market share first in .-neral merchandising,where it now dominates, and ,---:er in food retailing, where it is taking market share : m established supermarkets. Bv 1990, however' Wal-Mart realized that its op' : rtunities for growth in the United States were be- - ring more limited. Management calculated that by . -. earh' 2OOOs, domestic growth opportunities would = constrained due to market saturation. So the com- :.nr. Jecided to expand globallv. lnitiall-v, the critics ,: r:leJ. \\'al-\1art, thev said.
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