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36 Part 1 $${tr&-Ftu* #F*tuaF ffi*€**$*r IKEA may be the world's most successful elobal retailer. Established by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden in 1943 when he was just 17 years old, today the home.furnishing superstore has grown into a global cult brand with 230 stores in 33 countries that host 410 million shoppers a year and generate sales of €14.8 billion ($12.2 billion). Kamprad himself, who still owns the private company, ls rumored to be the world's richest man. IKEA's target market is the giobal middle class who are looking for low-priced but attractively designed furniture and household items. The company "ppll", the same basic formula woridwide: Open larg. .". .- house stores festooned in the blue and yellow colors of the Swedish flag that offer 8,000 to i0,0OO items, from kitchen cabinets to candlesticks. Use wacky promotions to drive traffic into the stores. Confisure the interior of the stores so that custom. .s h"rr"e ro pass through each department ro get
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