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148 ffiwm*mswk ffssmk Use the globalEDGE'M site exerclses: Parl,2 ::: {} $oUdm**r bG$'itbalar*;.ss.d , to complere rhe followinp 1. Promoting respect for universal human rights is a central dimension of many countries'foreigir policy. As history has shown, human rights abuis are an important concern worldwide. Some countries are.more ready to work with other governments and civil society organizations to pJevent abuses of power. Begun in I9?7, the annual Country Reports on Human Rights practices are desisnej to assess the state of democracy and hrman rights around the world, call attention to violarions, and-where needed-prompt needed chanses rn U.S. policies toward parricular countries. Fir_- the annual Country.Reporrs on Human RigL,. Practices and provide information on how tr-_ reports are prepared. 2. The level of perceived corruprion varies frc: culture to culture. The Corruption percepttc-.: lndex (CPI) is a compararive assessment oi country's integrity performance based on researc. . done in Germany. provide a description of th., index and its ranking. Identify the five counrrl_: with the lowest as well as the highest Cpl score. Do you norice any similarities Lr differences i. each group offive countries? #m*68* $ee #$x*s?e Google, the fast growing Internet search engine com- pany, was established with a clear mission in mind: to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google has built a highly profitl able advertising business o., th. back of its engir-,e, which is by far the most wideiy used in the world. Under the pay.per-click business model, advertisers pay Google every time a user of its search engine clicks on one of the paid links typically listed on ihe right hand side of Google's results page. Google has long operated with the manrra ,,don't be evill" When this phrase was originally formulated, the central message was that Google shorid never compro- mise the_ integrity of its search results. For e*ampie, Googie decided not ro ler commercial
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Google_in_China - 148 Parl,2 : : ffiwm*mswk f fssmkcfw_ $...

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