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406 Part 4 : ' 'l' The Global lv{onetary Sysiem make a recommendation. How might your rec- ommended options be affected if the Mexican peso depreciates significantly on the foreign ex- change markets over the next two years? 4. H"ppy Company wants to raise $2 million with debt financing. The funds are needed to finance working capital, and the firm will repay them with interest in one year. Happy Company's trea. surer is considering three options: a. Borrowing U.S. dollars from Security Pacific Bank at B percent. b. Borrowing British pounds from Midland Bank at 14 percent. ffi e***ffi trtr8? Ym sk G sl'b"lEjjgE he. 8 obal; it nsu.edL Use the globalEDGErM site to compiete the following exercises: 1. The top management of your company is looking for somebody to analyze the current position of the United States in world trade. Remembering that you learned about the dynamics of the balance of payments in your studies, you decide to prepare the analysis of the latest state of U.S. trade. #fu6gtm ffi*H+$4e China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based provider of wireless telephone service and one of the largest providers of mobile telephone service in the world. In 1996 the company was spun out of China Mo- bile Communications Corporation, a state.owned pro- vider of mobile telephone service in Mainland China, which retained a 75 percent ownership stake in China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd. The spin-out was part of the Chinese government's strategy for privatizing its tele- communications network. China Mobile was given the right to expand into Mainland China. By September 2000 the company was the largest provider of mobile communications in China with73.9 million subscribers and a market leadership position in six provinces. In late 2000, China was finishing up negotiations to enter the World Trade Organization. Under the terms of the !7TO agreement, China would have to c. Borrowing
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China_Mobile - 406 Part 4'l The Globallvcfw_onetary ysiem S...

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