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« Back to Document View Databases selected: Multiple databases. .. Cadbury Redefines Cheap Luxury --- Marketing to India's Poor, Candy Maker Sells Small Bites for Pennies Sonya Misquitta . Wall Street Journal . (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Jun 8, 2009. pg. B.4 Abstract (Summary) According to Cadbury, the size of the Indian chocolate market is $465 million a year, compared with $4.89 billion in Britain, which has one-tenth the population. Full Text (777 words) (c) 2009 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Reproduced with permission of copyright owner. Further reproduction or distribution is prohibited without permission. Mumbai -- As more Indians begin to treat themselves to little luxuries, Cadbury hopes to capture millions of new customers with chocolates that sell for a few pennies. The British candy maker has been in India for more than 60 years and dominates the chocolate market. Still, it says, less than half of India's 1.1 billion people have ever tasted chocolate. Traditional milk-based sweets, or mithai, still dominate the industry here, where they are given and eaten at festivals. Cadbury's sales have been growing by 20% a year for the past three years, spurred by the country's economic growth and its increasingly affluent middle class. Now, the company is taking aim at lower-income consumers by offering cheaper products. "We seek to reach out to all of those consumers that are away from the cities and to sell [small] piece products
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