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University of California Haas School of Business Syllabus UGBA 178 INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Fall 2009 Instructor: Robert N. Mefford GSI’s: Kok Loong Lye and Office: F530 Erik Kiewiet de Jonge Hours: 3-4 pm Office & Hours: tba Phone: (510) 381-1543 Email: [email protected]/ Email: [email protected] [email protected] Course Website: bspace.berkeley.edu Course Description: This course is an introduction to international business covering both the macro (contextual environment) and micro (business functions) aspects of the topic. In terms of the context in which international business operates, we will discuss the political, economic, and cultural environment including the topics of international trade and investments and global financial markets and exchange rates. The emphasis then shifts to how firms operate within this global environment. We will discuss global corporate strategy and methods of entering foreign markets. Also to be considered are how firms carry out their production, supply chain, marketing, human resource, and financial management activities in a global context. The impact of cultural and ethical issues on these management activities will be discussed as well. Cases are used throughout the course to allow the student to analyze and apply concepts. Prerequisites: UGBA 101A & UGBA 101B or equivalent (micro & macro economics) Course Materials: Text: International Business , 7 th Edition, Charles W. Hill, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2009.
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