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Final Exam Review Sheet for International Business Global Corporate Strategy and Entry Modes What are the four major strategies pursued by MNE’s? What are the advantages and disadvantage of each strategy? What are “experience effects” and how do they influence a firm’s strategy? What are the major entry modes to foreign countries? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each entry mode? What is a strategic alliance? How can a firm ensure a successful strategic alliance? Global Production and Supply Chains Where should a global firm locate its production facilities? When should a firm offshore production? What is logistics and why is it important to a global firm? How can firms manage their global supply chains to assure efficiency, quality, and reliability? What are the basic principles of the Toyota Production System and why is it successful? Global Capital Markets Why do investors and lenders wish to diversify their portfolios? What is the Eurocurrency market and how do global firms use it?
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BA+178+Final+Exam+Review+Sheet+for+International+Business -...

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