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BA 178 Final Exam A Summer 2007 Student : ______________________________________ Section :_______________________________________ Instructions: Answer all questions in Part A, two questions in Part B, one question in Part C, and all parts of Part D. One page of notes (both sides) is allowed but no other materials may be used. Any instance of cheating will result in failure of the exam. Part A: Multiple Choice (40 points) Answer all questions in this part. Write the best answer to each question on your Scantron form. (2 points each) 1. When a firm has a strategic goal of pursuing a low cost strategy on a global scale, the firm should follow A. a global standardization strategy B. a localization strategy C. an international strategy D. a transnational strategy 2. Early entrants to a market that are able to create switching costs that tie the customer to the product are capitalizing on A. economies of scale B. pioneering costs C. first mover advantages D. early entrant advantages
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A. Fresh fruit, grain, and meat products B. Chemical, pharmaceutical, and metal refining C. Electronics, computer chips, and automotive parts D. Apparel, shoes, and leather products 4. When a company has some intangible property that might have business applications, but the firm does not want to develop those applications itself, ________ makes sense. A. exporting B. turnkey project. C. licensing agreement. D. wholly owned subsidiary. 5. If a firm believes that its technology advantage is mainly managerial, the firm might want to engage in a ______ as soon as possible. A. turnkey project B. wholly owned subsidiary. C. joint venture D. licensing agreement 6. Export management companies are export specialists who act as the __________ department for their client firms. A. marketing or international B. manufacturing or operations C. finance or accounting D. human resource management or personnel 7. The ______ states that the bank will pay a specified sum of money to a beneficiary on presentation of particular, specified documents. A. draft
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BA+178+Final+Exam+A+Summer+2007 - BA 178 Final Exam A...

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