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BA+178+Final+Exam+A+Spring+2009+Complete - BA 178 Final...

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BA 178 Final Exam A Spring 2009 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ Section:____________am____________pm Instructions: Answer all questions in Part A, two questions in Part B, one question in Part C, and all questions in Part D. One page of notes (both sides) is allowed but no other materials may be used. Any instance of cheating will result in failure of the exam. (150 points total) Part A Answer all questions in this part selecting the best answer for each question. Write your answer on a Scantron form. (2 points each, 40 points total) 1. A polycentric approach to staffing is one in which A. All key management positions are filled by parent company nationals B. Host-country nationals are recruited to manage subsidiaries while parent-company nationals occupy key positions at corporate headquarters C. The best people, regardless of nationality, are recruited to fill key positions throughout the organization D. Corporate bureaucracy overwhelms the system leaving key positions to be filled in a haphazard manner 2. Companies with historic roots in one nation are broadening their stock ownership by listing their stock in the equity markets of other nations because of all of the following reasons, except A. Listing stock on a foreign market is often a prelude to issuing stock in that market to raise capital B. They can tap into the liquidity of foreign markets, thereby increasing the funds available for investment and lowering the firm's cost of capital C. It facilitates future acquisitions of foreign companies D. It helps in decreasing the company's visibility with local employees, customers, suppliers and bankers 3. Just-in-time inventory systems A. Can help firms improve product quality B. Are fast becoming obsolete C. Require that parts be warehoused D. Give firms a buffer stock of inventory 4. These are international bonds, normally underwritten by an syndicate of banks, and placed in countries other than the one in whose currency the bond is denominated A. Eurobonds B. Convertible bonds C. Foreign bonds D. Treasury bonds
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5. When a firm emphasizes personal selling rather than mass media advertising in the promotional mix, the firm is using a A. Standardized strategy B. Pull strategy C. Push strategy D. Localized strategy 6. In order for price discrimination to be successful A. There must be a strong case for arbitrage
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BA+178+Final+Exam+A+Spring+2009+Complete - BA 178 Final...

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