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University of California Haas School of Business Section Syllabus UGBA 178 INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Fall 2009 Instructor: Robert N. Mefford GSI’s: Erik Kiewiet de Jonge Office: F530 Kok Loong Lye Hours: Tuesday 3-4 pm Office: Erik: Wednesdays 3-4 pm (F421) Phone: (510) 381-1543 Lye: TBD E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Website: [email protected] Friday Discussion Sections Erik Lye 8 am – 9 am (Cheit 330) 12 pm – 1 pm (Cheit 330) 1 pm – 2 pm (Cheit 135) 4 pm – 5 pm (Cheit 325) Course Schedule Please refer to Professor Mefford’s syllabus for the official course schedule. Discussion sections will follow the established schedule but minor modifications are expected as part of the natural flow of the course. All changes will be communicated clearly in section or via email. Section Goals Facilitate discussion of topics related to the course material. Increase awareness of current events in the international business world. Strengthen case discussion skills and abilities. Learn from the experiences of fellow classmates. Create an active, engaging and fun classroom environment! Participation Participation is crucial to a successful experience within your discussion section. As 50 points of your grade is allocated to participation, we view it as critical for you to take an active role in section discussions and to have critically read all assigned readings. Merely attending section will not earn you full participation credit. You are expected to make thoughtful contributions to discussions that will move the conversation forward and
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contribute to you and your classmates’ learning experiences. Speaking in class gives you a chance to practice your public speaking in a safe and
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BA+178+Discussion+Section+Syllabus+Fall+2009 - University...

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