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School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering ELEC101 Electrical Engineering 1 – Laboratory Report 2 Topic 2 Operational Amplifiers (Experiments 10 & 11) “You should look for relevant observations you have made during your laboratory experiments 10 and 11 and use them to discuss the behaviour of operational amplifiers and Op-Amp applications.“ Introduction The Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp) is a widely used integrated circuit (IC) device. Op-Amps amplify the difference between the signals applied to its two input pins. A signal must be applied to both inputs of the IC or the circuit will function improperly, if at all, this may be another voltage or ground. The inputs are considered to be of two types; inverting and non-inverting commonly labeled with + and – signs respectively. Misleadingly these markings have nothing to do with the polarity of the input signals that the pins are able to receive. Rather they dictate the resulting output polarity in respect to the input polarity, that is, the non-inverting (+) input outputs the signal at the same polarity as the input, and the inverting input (-) outputs the signal at the opposite polarity. Op-Amps are able to receive both AC and DC signals with the output remaining in the form of the input. Two other pins are used to supply the powering voltage to the IC. In our case wee used ±15 V. The voltage through these supply rails restricts the maximum voltage that can be supplied by the output regardless of the surrounding circuitry used to dictate the gain of the amplifier. If the output from the op-amp is feed back into the input rail the IC is said to be in
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operational amplifier report - School of Electrical,...

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