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Week 15. Organizational Deviance and Societal Control of Organizations Reading: Handel p. 433-436. Perrow (Chapter 32) in Handel. Vaughan (Chapter 33) in Handel. Assignment : Analysis of a Case of Organizational Deviance Read up on ONE of the instances of organizational deviance below. Analyze the organizational and individual reasons behind it based on the information you have collected. What were the individual, organizational, and environmental factors that contributed to the deviance? Which organizational theories help you understand the sources of the problem? What kind of remedies can be adopted so a similar problem does
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Unformatted text preview: not recur? You may pick one of the following cases or a different one (do check with the TA or me to make sure it is appropriate). Write five pages maximum, in double-spaced 12 pt. font. 1. Prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib 2. U.S. mortgage crisis 3. Enrons fall Lesson Plan: Zimbardo's Stanford prison experiment, Perrow's analysis of the Three Mile Island Accident, and Vaughan's analysis of the Challenger Launch Decision. Review assignments. Key concepts: Deviance, normal accidents...
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