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Abstract A questionnaire was sent to prominent successful engineers to determine their experience with technical writing, their opinions about its importance to an engineer, and their opinions about its place in the engineering curriculum. A surprising 73.8 percent ( 245 of those surveyed ) responded. The replies indicate that the respondents spend 24 percent of their time writing, that the writing that they do is very important to their positions and that the ability to write effectively has helped them in their own advancement. They spend 31 percent of their time working with material written by others, are acutely conscious of the need for effective written communications, and find fault with many of the written communications with which they deal. They
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Unformatted text preview: indicate that the ability to write is usually important or critical when a man is considered for advancement . 80.5 percent of the respondents feel that technical writing should be required of all engineering students and 16 percent feel that it should be an elective with all students encouraged to take it. They feel that the main emphasis in such courses should be on teaching students to analyze a writing situation and produce a cleat, direct, logically developed communication to meet the reader's needs without burdening him with extraneous material or long-winded verbiage. Special emphasis should be placed on the need for clarity and ready comprehensibility ....
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