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Learn to write in understandable - reader's mind as to why...

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Learn to write in understandable terms for upper management's consumption . write   from the user's viewpoint and be brief and specific  .  Guy J. BACCI ,II, manager Corporate industrial engineering Hinsdale , Illinois   Producing a communication to fit the reader's needs . Gerald. Baker, president   . Clifton , new jersey   Main emphasis should be on 1   communication in terms of the reader's interest and understanding.   2 clarity of expression   3 Brevity   4 the objective of written communication – to convey ideas.   Harvey o. banks, president   Harvey o. banks consulting engineers, ins.   Belmont, California . To put  on paper a concise, clear review of a project which will leave little doubt in the
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Unformatted text preview: reader's mind as to why the work was done , what were the results, how obtained ,and the logical development of conclusions . Jack p. Barrett Material management Apache Set down ideas briefly and clearly and clearly ,and in good order . Dr .Robert w. beatty Consulting electronics engineer Boulder, Colorado Organize writing so a clear logical and progressive presentation is made . too frequently the writer jumps into the middle of a story and then tries to move back to the introduction and forward to the conclusion without a plan . the resultant confusion is everywhere . Guy Bellows Meticut research Associates , inc Cincinnati ,ohio...
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  • Spring '09
  • rtetertret
  • Harvey o. banks, Guy Bellows Meticut research Associates, manager Corporate industrial engineering, Guy J. BACCI

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Learn to write in understandable - reader's mind as to why...

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