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Meeting 5 - Sheet1 Page 1 Meeting 5 VSG covers the...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Meeting 5 VSG covers the parasite. there is spontaneous mutations and change. There is a second antibody. the way the parasites ch Recent in evolution, VSG was truncated to SRA but when it gets transcribed, it can inactivate the lytic factor inside the lysosom Mosaics Early in infection, the VSGs are used from the minicircles. Later in the infection, you start to get mosaic VSGs. It increases th Leishmania is where it's at! They rock! There was a disease called Kala Azar. it's existed for may years in india and China. But the cuase of it wasn't until Leishman Let's go over the life cytle. Let's start with sladnfly. it takes a blood meal, it injects infective promastigote under the skin. The Insect vector. Luzotomia they are called pool feeders. Their mouth is like a saw and cut up the skin. They break cells from th This is a beautiful example of the coevolution of vector and host. this parasitic/host evolution has been beautiful. So that both Here is the diagram. Let's start at the blododfeeding. They differentiate which replicate and live in PM. Then differenetiate to here is the hindgut called abdominal midgut. Here is is teh stomodeal valve and pharynx. They get injested and get in this PM We thout it was just proccylic etc. but now there's 4 typ[es. We can grow then in vitro too. this just shows number of cells o Here again, is the PSG must be partially egested before blood feeling. This gel is VERY imp for the.. haptomonads don't see Let's go to the diesase. it's called Lishmaniasis. It's zoonotic. Humans are accidental host. It's a very important disease through the world. Let's look at some of the forms. L. tropica : cutaneous leishmaniasis have moist ulcers that self heal after 6months to a year. That's in urban areas. L. Major: rural that causes normal cutaneous. L. brazilliensis/L. mexicana: this is us. and US. Visceral: very impt, with climate warming it's climing north because the vector is moving. It's Emerging disease is HIV Leishmania: AIDS can reactivate dormang Leishmaniasis....
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Meeting 5 - Sheet1 Page 1 Meeting 5 VSG covers the...

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