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Meeting 5 - Meeting 5 In a very important class of...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Meeting 5 In a very important class of receptors that contrinubted are the toll like receptors. they were originally discovered in Dris and t h These receptors that have several transmembrane and these are called Gprotein coupled receptors. They recognize Nformyl m SlideThe very important cytokein is IFNgamma is the most important for activating macrophage. slide you see macrophages have mnay recptors: LPS, Maannose, etc. Bindnign through those receptors by association of those p a slide what are the some of the products of macrophages. most are important. one important product is IL1. Imp is that it induces f e IL6: it also has a role infever and will induce. .. IL8: IL12: is a very important cytokine. influence T cells to differentiate to TH1 cells. VERY TNF-alpha: increase in vascular perm e NO: This list of cytokines is pretty important list. Slide what does inflammation do? Slide What happens during finflammation, you can think of when you ahve sore on your skin? How is 1 manifested you get heat and redness. extraavation is imp to get leukocyte to site of invasion. Selectins will slow up Slide You'll see this as swelling and hurts. It's because you have this fluid that is being released. YBut good is you accumulate Igs
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Meeting 5 - Meeting 5 In a very important class of...

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