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Sheet1 Page 1 What is processing? native = native urea/2me = denatured trypsin or CNBr = denatured and digested (peptide form) Peptides will bind to MHC and allow triggering of T cells IN VITRO because the concentration is high enough. This shows tha B cells can present Ag B cells are not phagocytic. How is it able to be an APC? A-thy-1 is an antibody. C = complement which can kill the T cells. M We have: 1. Purified macrophages 2. Ag specific B cels 3. B cells The ones that present Ag best is shown in the graph below. (2) is the best in the 2nd immunization. If a B cell with an antibod y Braciale's expt. Mouse is infected with influenza, isolate splenocytes, isolate CD4 and CD8. When you add chloroquine, you diminish respon s e Class 1 MHC pathway It is an intracellular sampling of Ag.
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Unformatted text preview: The virus has to be alive in order to make proteins so that Class I can recognize them. P r o Class II MHC pathway Samples proteins outside of the cell. These are phagocytic proteins. There is a invariant chain that acts as a plug in the cleft . UNDERSTAND these pathways are different. Cross presentation by APC to MHCI What if you had an internal Ag but you only have CD8 cells? Somehow some of the degraded proteins in the phagosome got o Each MHC molecule will pick up only a limited subset of peptides HLA is very common. H2K is a mouse molecule. Different peptides can be presented. The stuff in between can be fold out. You also have co-stimulation. Tight signal CD4 with MHC II/ CD8 with MHC I. Virgin B cells can function just like an APC. Th e...
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