12 - CHAPTER TWELVE Human Resource Management Introduction...

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C H A P T E R T W E L V E Human  Resource  Management 12 Chapter Outline Introduction Why Human Resource Management Is Important The Human Resource Management Process Human Resource Planning Current Assessment Meeting Future Human Resource Needs Recruitment and Decruitment Recruitment Decruitment Selection What Is Selection? Validity and Reliability Types of Selection Devices Application Forms Written Tests Performance-Simulation Tests Interviews Background Investigations Physical Examination What Works Best and When? Orientation Employee Training Types of Training Training Methods Employee Performance Management Performance Appraisal Methods Written Essays Critical Incidents Graphic Rating Scales Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales Multiperson Comparisons Objectives 360 Degree Feedback Compensation and Benefits Career Development The Way It Was You and Your Career Today M any organizations are well aware of the im- portance of having strong human resource man- agement policies and practices. National Australia Bank Limited (NAB) had $377 billion in total assets at the end of 2002. In addition, it has almost 10 million customers. The company’s ultimate goals are to develop people, create a great work environment, and encourage and reward high performance. The company invested more than $55 million in 2002 for the training and development of its workforce. Brett Ellison, head of NAB’s Global eBusiness initiative, is looking to balance a progressive human resource management system with higher productivity and better efficiencies. Ellison successfully championed the installation of an internal company Web site (employee portal) to support HRM activities. NAB is poised to introduce the employee portal to its New Zealand and European branches. How should Ellison introduce this new program to NAB’s employees? This chapter explores the necessary components of an effective efficient management system. Current Issues in Human Resource Management Managing Downsizing Managing Workforce Diversity Recruitment Selection Orientation and Training Sexual Harassment Work-Life Balance 152
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Many PowerPoint Slides, including both original text art and newly created images, have been developed and are available for you to coordinate with Chapter 12 materials presentation. ANNOTATED OUTLINE 1. INTRODUCTION. The quality of an organization is, to a large degree, merely the summation of the quality of the people it hires and keeps. This chapter addresses the issues associated with human resource management. Q & A 12.1 Why is human resource management considered part of the organizing function? 2. WHY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IS IMPORTANT.
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12 - CHAPTER TWELVE Human Resource Management Introduction...

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