Staffing and Human Resource Management

Staffing and Human Resource Management - Chapter 6 Staffing...

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Chapter 6 – Staffing and Human Resource Management Chapter Six: Staffing and Human Resource Management Multiple Choice Questions 1. Strategic human resource planning is the process by which management a. develops its restructuring plan. b. ensures that the organization has the right personnel. c. plans for future business needs in terms of land, labor, and capital. d. allocates resources to product line managers. 2. A recruiting approach that gives applicants all pertinent and realistic information about the job and the organization is referred to as a. a reality check. b. affirmative action. c. a realistic job preview. d. employment at will. 3. A major benefit of using realistic job previews is to a. reduce turnover. b. reduce salaries and wages. c. decrease training costs. d. reduce time it takes to get qualified applicants. 4. Where there exists a proven relationship between a selection device and job performance, there is a. reliability b. validity c. no discrimination d. selectivity 5. To be used for employment, a selection device should a. be valid but not necessarily reliable. b. be reliable but not necessarily valid. c. be both reliable and valid. d. be used only by highly trained professionals. 6. __________ is a set of planned activities designed offered by the organization to familiarize new employees with their jobs, their co-workers, and key aspects of the organization. a. Socialization b. Orientation c. Training d. Mentoring 7. ________ is a training process that offers opportunities for employees to spend time in different jobs and expand their range of skills. a. Coaching b. An apprenticeship c. Job rotation d. Modeling 8. A performance appraisal method that provides rating scales for actual behaviors that exemplify various performance levels is known as __________. a. 360º feedback b. the critical-incident technique c. multiperson comparisons 1
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Part III - Organizing d. behaviorally anchored rating scales 9. ________ is an appraisal method that involves superiors, subordinates, peers, and even internal and external customers in the evaluation process. a.
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Staffing and Human Resource Management - Chapter 6 Staffing...

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