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(Final 2000, Q1) (New ver) A computer company claims that its new model computer sells well, and on the average 45 units were sold per week. A consumer group suspects that the claim is inflated, and hires a statistician to test the claim. Sales data of 16 weeks were available to the statistician, and the average sales of these 16 weeks were 43.5 units per week with a sample SD of 3.0 units per week. (a) Set up the testing problem by identifying the hypothesis (H 0 ) and the alternative (H a ). (b) Suppose the sales of the new computer per week has a normal distribution. Use a small- sample method to test this claim at = 2.5%. (c) Suppose σ is also 3.0, and the sales is normally distributed. Use a large-sample method to test this claim at = 2.5%.
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(PS 5 Q13) A group of clinical physicians performs tests on patients to determine the effectiveness of a new drug for reducing blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure
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Unformatted text preview: are randomly selected and then randomly assigned to either the control group (which received a well-established drug) or the treatment group (which received the new drug). The doctors note the percentage of patients whose blood pressure is reduced to a normal level within a year. The results are given below. a. A doctor, Peter, would advise his patients to use the new drug if there is more than 40% chance that the blood pressure can be reduced to the normal level after using the new drug. What is the advice of Peter? Use  = 5%. b. Using the data given in the above table, determine whether the new drug is more effective than the older drug in reducing high blood pressure. Use  = 10%. c. What is the p-value of the test in (b)?...
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w12_HT_post - are randomly selected and then randomly...

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