INFT 130 Hardware and Operating Systems (1)

INFT 130 Hardware and Operating Systems (1) - Bryant &...

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Course Syllabus INFT 130 HARDWARE AND OPERATING SYSTEMS Please note: This course syllabus is a contract between you and Bryant & Stratton College. It represents the minimum expected learning outcomes for this course. Your instructor will provide a supplemental syllabus that will express how he or she will specifically facilitate the course along with detailed methods of assessment and guidelines for the students’ success. Semester Credit Hours: 3 Lecture: 2 Lab: 2 Internship: INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: MEETING TIME: Skills Assistance Time: TERM: Fall 2009 PREREQUISITE(S) INFT111 Introduction to Information Technology COREQUISITE(S) None Date of Last Revision Spring 2009 PROFICIENCY AVAILABLE: ο YES ν NO COURSE CATALOG DESCRIPTION In this course students learn to troubleshoot, repair, and replace common hardware components as well as the fundamentals of operating systems, which include installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. By successfully completing this course, students will be prepared to take the A+ certification examination. LIFELONG LEARNING: Bryant & Stratton College seeks to develop lifelong learning competencies in all students through the development of information literacy skills that assist students to formulate essential questions, research and apply the answers, and communicate the results within the dynamic communities of college, career, and life. COURSE OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Identify, troubleshoot, and upgrade major components of a computer system. 2. Properly maintain components of a computer system 3. Configure operating systems and application software, and demonstrate an understanding of computers, input, output, and storage devices 4. Correctly configure system settings, and be able to read, understand, and modify system files. 5. Assess, prioritize, and communicate in a troubleshooting environment. INSTITUTIONAL OUTCOMES: Bryant & Stratton College is a lifelong learning institution committed to teaching people “how to learn” and to value lifelong learning related to career longevity. To complement the technical program outcomes associated with a career field, the College supports the following institutional outcomes within all degree programs. 1. Employ information literacy skills through the effective use of technology and information resources to accomplish a goal. 2. Pursue new learning opportunities within their community and career for personal and professional growth. 3. Develop thinking processes and utilize learning strategies to understand their metacognitive abilities. 4.
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INFT 130 Hardware and Operating Systems (1) - Bryant &...

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