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Unformatted text preview: s Exemplars Prototypes Prototypes An abstract representation of the typical An qualities of the members of a category qualities Contains the qualities of a “typical” Contains category member category Exemplars Exemplars Specific representations of different people, Specific places, events or times Benefits of schemas Benefits Facilitates information processing Facilitates recall of information Methods for Conserving Cognitive Energy: Heuristics Cognitive Heuristics Availability heuristic Judgments of likelihood are based on how easily examples come to mind how One influence on availability: Media coverage Media Plane crashes: Plane It's 22 times safer flying in a commercial jet than It's traveling by car traveling Children abducted by strangers: Less than 1% of the 250,000 children abducted Less in each year are abducted by strangers Impact on risk assessment (Russo & Shoemaker, 1989) Which in each pair causes more deaths per year? Stomach Cancer vs. Motor Vehicle Accidents Tubercu...
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