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23.Slides - 4 Liking Liking “The main work of a trial...

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Unformatted text preview: 4. Liking Liking “The main work of a trial attorney is to The make a jury like his client.” make ~Clarence Darrow Physical attractiveness Similarity Avoidance – Beware of our neighbors. And be mindful if you start liking someone more than they deserve. someone 5. Authority Authority We comply with people in authority, often We mindlessly. mindlessly. Titles Uniforms (Bickman, 1974) Uniforms (Bickman, 5. Authority Authority Physicians (Cohen & Davis, 1981) Physicians (Cohen Average hospital makes an error in Average patient’s medication at least once every 12 days 12 Nurses rarely question a doctor’s orders “Place eardrops in R ear” Avoidance – Consider whether an authority is legitimate. authority 6. Scarcity Scarcity Opportunities seem more valuable to Opportunities us when their availability is limited us Limited-number tactic Deadlines Competition 6. Scarcity Scarcity Reactance – Response to a threat to Reactance freedom Avoidance – Distinguish between possession and utility possession Possession – wanting something just Possession because it’s scarce/rare because Utility – if you want it for its usefulness, Utility scarce items are no better than nonscarce scarce items Further readings (Note: Although the readings below are entirely optional, the “Real Life Example” of Obedience was assigned. was Cialdini, Robert B. (2001). Influence: Cialdini, science and practice (4th Edition). Boston, science MA: Allyn and Bacon. MA: Griffin, D., & Buehler, R. (1993). Role of Griffin, construal processes in conformity and dissent. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 65, pp. 657-669. Psychology, ...
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