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EMSE 182/282, Spring Semester 2005, George Washington University, Jim Harris, D.Sc. George Washington University Spring Semester 2005 Final Examination Jim Harris, DSc Show all your work. Determine the question that is being asked and assure that you are answering the question. Computations without a conclusion leading to an answer to the question asked are not sufficient. PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR Files. Organize your work so it flows top down. Make it easy for me to follow. 1. Specifications limits for a process are 0.3220 inches (in.) and 0.3200 in. Data in the spreadsheet for problem 1 is for a sample of size n=5 taken every hour for an expected mean of 0.3210 in. Using the data in the spreadsheet for problem 1 develop the analytical answers to questions below. A. Set up an X control chart and use S and R. Is there an advantage to using S or R for the X chart? ,+< ,+< b. Set up an R control chart and an S control chart. Is one chart more advantageous to use over the other? If so, why? c. Estimate the process standard deviation from .
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FinalExam__EMSE_182_282_Spring_08_A - EMSE 182/282 Spring...

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