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1 THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Depart of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering COURSE OUTLINE AND SCHEDULE EMSE 182/282 ACCEPTANCE SAMPLUING AND QUALITY CONTROL Text: Introduction to Statistical Quality Control 5 th ed, by Douglas C. Montgomery Room and Time: 1776 G St., Room 101, Monday 6:10 P.M. to 8:40 P.M. Instructor: Jim Harris, DSc Office Hours: By Appointment, Room 133, 1776 G St., Washington D.C. Contact by email jwhjr47@gmail.com . Grading: Homework 25% Independent Work. Assigned to prepare for tests. Midterm Exam 35% In class open book and notes. Independent work. Final Exam 40% Comprehensive, in class, open book and notes, independent work. Course Description: This course is a survey of statistical quality control methods. The applications are used across several types of industries that include manufacturing, computer, chemical, production, research, quality of received goods, etc. The discussion in the book covers subjects such as process quality, statistical process control, control charts, capability analysis, process monitoring and control techniques, univariate and multivariate process monitoring and control charts, process design with experimental design and acceptance sampling. The class pace is intense. Homework problems are a key to success. Course Goals: To familiarize students with a broad range of statistical process monitoring and control methods. This class will prepare students of engineering, engineering management, and systems engineering who are proceeding to the work force or advanced education with the tools of conventional
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This note was uploaded on 01/02/2010 for the course EMSE 282 taught by Professor Harris during the Spring '07 term at GWU.

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