EMSE 102-202_Extra Credit project

EMSE 102-202_Extra Credit project - 4 Referring to the base...

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EMSE 102-202 Survey of Operations Research Methods Spring 2008 Instructor: Zahra Mohaghegh Extra Credit Term Project (Case 7 of Text, Page 1362) Due date: Final exam day (May 6 th ) Instruction: Ignore the original questions provided in the text, instead answer the following questions. 1. Give a mixed integer programming formulation for the base case problem and solve it by LINDO. In the optimal solution, what sites should be selected? How should the customers be served? 2. If the set-up costs as provided in the table double for plants in CA, how would the recommendations change? 3. In order to meet potential demands in broader areas in the future, the company may decide not to build plants in any adjacent states. (States are adjacent if their borders touch at any point.) How are the recommendations affected?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Referring to the base case, compare the optimal solution of the LP-relaxation with the optimal IP solution. How do the objective values compare? 5. From the optimal solution of the LP-relaxation, determine (and explain) your own feasible solution to the IP. How does your solution compare with the optimal IP solution? Distance table between plants and Retailers: Plant1: Yuma, AZ Plant2: Fresno, CA Plant3: Tucson, AZ Plant4: Pomona, CA Plant5: Santa Fe, NM Plant6: Flagstaff, AZ Plant7: Las Vegas, NV Plant8: St. George, UT Retailer 1: Jones, Salt Lake City Retailer 2: YZCO, Albuquerque Retailer 3: Square Q, Phoenix Retailer 4: AJ Stores, San Diego Retailer 5: Sun Quest, Los Angeles Retailer 6: Harm’s Path, Tucson...
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EMSE 102-202_Extra Credit project - 4 Referring to the base...

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