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Unformatted text preview: EMSE 135/235 - Final Project Description For the final project, you will need to select and work on one of the following textbook challenges: 1. Challenge “Modeling HIV/AIDS” on pages 321-323. 2. Challenge “Extending the Bass Model” on pages 335-339. 3. Challenge “Extending the Model” on pages 404-406. The challenges describe to a great extent their choices, but you will need to add features in order to receive full credit (see grading scheme below). These exercises are based on models that will be discussed in class in the upcoming weeks. The project is individual. Deliverables 1. The iThink model file(s) that address the questions in the challenges, as well as your own extensions. 2. A (short) report summarizing your findings. This report should include and discuss key plots and diagrams from your model. Include also key causal-loop relationships in your model. Grading Scheme Your grade will consists of • 70% - Evaluation of your system dynamics model. Elements to consider: – 10% Documentation of all elements and their units (using ithink’s facilities for that). – 30% Model completeness: how model(s) address(es) the questions in the challenge. – 30% Formulation of quantitative relationships. • 20% - Policy analysis: analysis of policies you propose. This includes their implementation in your model, and your analysis of their effectiveness. A policy, in our context, is any action you can prescribe to prevent an undesirable behavior. For example, in an epidemics model, you can propose a quarantine. • 10% - Additional insights. This involves computing the equilibrium of the system (if any), stability analysis (when possible), or finding conditions for policies to be effective. For instance, if an immunization campaign is proposed, what is the minimum number of people to immunize for the policy to be successful. Due Date The project is due at 5pm December 16, 2008. 1 ...
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