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ONE-WAY ANOVA Homework Set 8 EMSE 171/271 - FALL 2005 J.R. van Dorp; ; Page 1 [email protected] Question 1: Six samples of each of four types of cereal grain grown in a certain region were analyzed to determine thiamin content, resulting in the following data ( g g): . Î Wheat Barley Maize Oats
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Unformatted text preview: &Þ# %Þ$ 'Þ! 'Þ" 'Þ( &Þ) 'Þ& )Þ! 'Þ" (Þ& &Þ* &Þ' &Þ) %Þ( 'Þ% %Þ* 'Þ! &Þ# )Þ$ 'Þ" (Þ) (Þ! &Þ& (Þ# Fill in the ANOVA template similar to the spreadsheet tensile_strength.xls. Also perform the ONEWAY ANOVA in the MINITAB Software package....
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