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CHEM 6A QUIZ 2 STUART - 4—H ’ Page 1/2 Chemistry 6A...

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Unformatted text preview: 4—H»; - ’ _ Page 1/2 Chemistry 6A Section D04 7 I '5 ‘ . i Name: Quiz #2 {30 points) PD): _ , **BEFORE BEGINNING QUIZ, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING**” Thequiz is 4rquestions en 2 pages'.'You‘ areprOVided'wnh a periodic table, Constants, and equations. You will not needa calculator. Check your quiz to see if everything is present, and if anything is missing, notify me now. ‘ ' Show all your work completely and clearly in the provided spaces. Scratch work will not be graded. If no work is shown, no credit will be given. ‘ ' The Academic Honesty Policy is in full force. Any person caught cheating on this quiz will receive a 0 on this quiz and be prosecutedgunder the Student Conduct Code. 1. VSEPR question (16 points total, 8 points each part) For each molecule, write out: i) electron count, ii) VSEPR diagram, iii) formal charge on each atom, iv) resonance structures (if none write “no resonance structures”), v) electronic structure geometry, vi) atomic structure geometry, vii) predict bond angles, viii) name the compound. 5 ..” fib'sflf- ,0 iiit 41123 :37. -. .F ,- _, _ . P,'éigh_f_1 ‘4) 32eiatrrnng (itiirotmim 1. , " ‘1‘? 3, am; Z‘gfiffirfl p,” i N) ha rei‘c manque smut—me i v) _+€:‘rm Puccini i i V" ) ie‘tm Mmi l W) rocky”. I W“) 730 ram Head-e ...
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