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scan0004 - In “Hound Dog” the tram guitar solos in...

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Unformatted text preview: In “Hound Dog”, the tram guitar solos in between choruses are quite nice; it fills up the gap in between the choruses. Also, the drum roll out was brilliantly played. In “It Won’t Be Long”, the Beatles took advantage of the number of members by assigning each member to sing a different part of the lyrics. For example, one person would sing “It Won’t Be Long...” and another person would add “Yeah” to the end. This was an element that cannot be achieved by Elvis Presley. Predecessors covered songs of a variety of topics: hardship in life, war, love, etc. However, these two songs exemplify a single object: the woman. Because of the specific topic, the songs br0ught much attention to their female audiences. Now it is easier for a woman to relate to music. According to the reading, these songs, especially “It Won’t Be Long”, allows their female audience to feel connected with the musical world, rather than revolved in her own world. ...
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