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scan0008 - e String quartet in yesterday f Acoustic piano...

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Unformatted text preview: e. String quartet in yesterday f. Acoustic piano in "The Night Before” and You Like Me Too Much" g. Sitar used in albums Rubber Soul, Revolver and Sgt Pepper E. Discarded songs . a. “If you’ve got trouble” - written by Ringo, deleted after 15t take b. "That means a iot” -mid love tempo song , ‘24 takes and abandoned the song F. Successful songs a. ”ticket ro ride” first released as a single, backed by the 3—part harmony ballad, most radical piece on ”Help!" _ i. Glistening opening guitar riff that establishes the beat, the jagged, whack-and- jump drum pattern that rams that beat forward ii. Lennon composition] McCartney lyrics b. ”yes it is" — the groups 8‘h straight #1 c. "yesterday" came to McCartney in a dream, recorded the songs in 18 months? Performed with acoustic guitar d. Best songs on "Help!" were yesterday, ticket to ride and help "Founway Synergy: That explicable Charisma." Basically, the entire article describes the "explicable charisma” that the Beaties shares as a whole. Their ability to work together and chemistry for each other subconsciously transferred over to their music, which in turns create amazing songs and covers. There were aiso recorded instances where drug used was explicit. The setting of their atmosphere collectively form an ”adolescent boys’ club" feel, with boyish pranks such as farting noises and jokes about bodily functions. In general, they were comfortable with each other in all aspects. One of the most important things to note is that they truly represent a democracy state. in which they really do work together, aithough there is an obvious ladder in their superiority. The Beatles, as an individual, respect each other. For example, when John writes something hideous to the ears, Ringo would tell him that is “BS” and John would discard it. They called themselves the ”brotherhood”, They all have a common understanding: when the four gets together, it is better than the power of each individual because of the energy they obtain as a group. Ringo was the lucky one: John was idolized by the others. ...
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