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Lec-09-Chap14-1-b 9/21/2009 End Review 1 st Midterm Chemical Equilibrium 1 Lec-09: Chemical Equilibrium Chapter 14 Be sure to bring the following: Stony Brook ID card 2 or more #2 pencils and a good eraser Calculator with extra batteries. Do NOT bring any of the following: Cell phones, beepers, iPods, or other communication devices Textbook, notes, or any aids to taking the exam Violations may result in a course grade of F and a report to the Academic Judiciary. Students can leave the exam only after 9:15 PM 1 Solar ID Room 000000000 106699991 Javits 100 (main floor only) 106699992 999999999 Javits 102 Chemical Equilibrium At equilibrium, from a macroscopic viewpoint, the concentrations of reactants and products do not change with time. From a microscopic viewpoint, the rates of the forward and reverse reactions are exactly equal to each other. We say that the system has reached chemical equilibrium .       5 3 2 PCl PCl g g Cl g 2 In general, in gas phase and in solution , chemical reactions do not exhaust the reactant species; a state of the system is reached after which the concentrations of the reactants and of the products do not further change.
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