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Structural Biochemistry - BIBC 100 Fall 2009 Peterson 108 Mon, Wed, Fri 1 – 2 PM Dr. Stephanie Mel Office: 4070E York Hall email: [email protected] Office hours: 12:45 – 2:15 PM TUESDAYS Phone: (858) 822-0603 Following is a list of topics in the order that they will be covered during the course. The corresponding chapter from the 5 th edition of Lehninger is listed. You are only responsible for material covered in class, not for all of the material in each chapter. I also include many figures from other books in my lectures. All of the class powerpoints will be available on WebCT . This class will not be podcast. Topic Lehninger 5 th ed. References 1. Introduction - Amino acids, Peptides, Proteins Chapters 2/3 2. Three Dimensional Structure/Motifs, Methods Chapters 3/4 3. Protein Denaturation and Folding Chapter 4 4. Protein Function I: Immune system Chapter 5 5. Protein Function II: Hb and Mb Chapter 5 6. Protein Function III: myosin Chapter 5 7. Enzymes Chapter 6 8. Membranes and Membrane Proteins Chapters 10 and 11 9. Signal Transduction Chapter 12 10. DNA binding proteins Chapter 28 11. Membrane Fusion Chapter 8 12. Influenza Chapter 11 EXAMS MIDTERM EXAM: WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 28, 7 – 8:30 PM FINAL EXAM: MONDAY DECEMBER 7,
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BIBC100_syllabus - Structural Biochemistry BIBC 100 Fall...

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