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BIBC 100 Handout 6

BIBC 100 Handout 6 - BIBC 100 Structural Biochemistry...

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1 BIBC 100 Structural Biochemistry Mimi Nguyen [email protected] Handout 6 (Lecture 14 – 17) OH Fri 10:30–11:30am 1 st Floor S&E Protein Interactions Modulated by Chemical Energy Usually fueled by _______ Skeletal Muscle (Lehn Fig. 5.29) o _________________ – parallel muscle fibers; giant multi-nucleated cells; usually runs entire length of muscle square4 Composed of _____________: striated muscle o Sarcomere – functional unit of ____________________________ o Myofilaments: _____________ (thin) and _____________ (thick) Muscle contraction (Lehn Fig. 5.30) o Bundles of actin and myosin act together o Contraction: pulling of the z-disks together causing the length of the sarcomere to decrease, allowing myosin and actin to slide past each other Myosin (Lehn Fig. 5.27): 6 subunits, 2 heavy chains & 4 light chains o C-terminal: o N-terminal: square4 S1 Head: Actin (Lehn Fig. 5.28) o _____________ makes up _____________ Muscle Contraction Mechanism o Lehn Fig. 5.28 Overview o Lehn Fig. 5.31
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2 Enzymes Properties o Name usually ends in _____ o Usually speeds up reaction by ______________ activation energy o Definitions square4 Substrate: square4 Active Site:
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