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BIBC 100 Structural Biochemistry Mimi Nguyen Handout 1 (Lectures 1 – 3) OH Fri 10:30–11:30am 1 st Floor S&E Structural Hierarchy o Monomers b polymers o Subunits are connected by various bonds to form macromolecules o Most structures are held together by NON-COVALENT bonds Water! o Water influences all molecular interactions (usually via _______________) o _________________: weak electrostatic interactions between one electronegative atom (__ or __) and a ___ that is (covalently/non-covalently) linked to a second electronegative atom. s Water-water interactions can be replace with water-solute interactions (hydrophilic/hydrophobic interactions only) o Hydrophobic effect/hydrophobic interactions: Amino Acids The Non-Polar (8) 3L Code 1L Code The Charged (4/5) 3L Code 1L Code Polar/Uncharged (8/7) 3L Code 1L Code o Zwitterion Form (Figure 3.9) s The nonionic form is not usually found in the cell s Zwitterionic form is di-ionic and usually found in __________ environments
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BIBC%20100%20Handout%2010 - BIBC 100 Structural...

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