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1 BIBC 100 Structural Biochemistry Mimi Nguyen Handout 2 (Lectures 4 – 6) OH Fri 10:30–11:30am 1 st Floor S&E Secondary Protein Structural Elements 2° Structure: stable arrangements of amino acids that give rise to recurring structural patterns (motifs) The inside of the proteins were mainly ______________________ where as the backbone (main chain) of the protein was _____________________ The two kinds of secondary elements are ____________ and ____________ α -Helix o R groups are pointed ____________ o _________ per turn which is about _______ residues per turn o Forms a right-handed twist o There are characteristic ___&___ angles o H-bonds form between the _____________ and the _____________ of the amino acid ___ residues apart o α -Helix has an inherent ___________ s the C-terminus is ___________ and the N-terminus is ___________ o Which residues are not typically found in α -helixes? Why? o
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BIBC%20100%20Handout%2021 - BIBC 100 Structural...

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