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Q.1. What are the types of information system? What are the major computerized support systems? Ans: A system whether automated or manual, that comprises people, machines or methods to collect, process, transmit and disseminate data is defined as Information System. The different types of information system are: a) Formal Information System:- This system defines very clearly the work-flow system, communication flow-down and the authority. Operational Level Systems: o Support operational managers by keeping track of the elementary activities and transactions of the organization. e.g. Transaction Processing System Knowledge Level Systems: o Support knowledge and data workers in an organisation in designing products, distributing information and coping with paperwork. e.g. Knowledge Management System Management Level Systems: o Designed to serve the monitoring, controlling, decision-making, and administrative activities of middle managers. e.g. Management Information System
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Unformatted text preview: • Strategic Level Systems: o Help senior management tackle and address strategic issues and long-term trends, both within the organisation and in the external environment. e.g. Executive Support System b) Informal Information System:-The informal information system should be employee based and cater to their development and solve their work related problem. c) Computer Based Information System:-This relies on the computer for handling business applications The major computerized support systems are as follows: a. Transaction Processing System (TSP) : A system that processes the data related to transaction of money is called as Transaction Processing System (TPS), such as automated teller machine (ATM) system. b. Management Information System (MIS) : MIS provide managers with reports and, in some cases, on-line access to the organisations current performance and historical records...
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