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1 University of Aberdeen – Chemistry Chemistry Level 1 CM1012, CM1013, CM1014 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Manual Name: ___________________________________________________ Laboratory Number: ____________________________________ Contents General arrangements 2 Timetable 3 Assessment 4 Safety 5 Uncertainty in measurement 7 Use of volumetric apparatus 8 Flame Emission Spectroscopy 12 Gravimetric Determination of Silver 19 Acids, Bases and pH Measurement 23 Titrimetric Analysis: EDTA 29 Examples of calculations 33 Periodic Table 36 Examples of apparatus 37 Bring this manual to the practical class EVERY week Read through the appropriate experimental instructions BEFORE you come to the lab each week
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2 General Arrangements for the Laboratory Classes After the first session in the Laboratory in teaching week 2 of term, which will include a Safety Induction Course, there will be five weeks in which you will do Analytical Chemistry experiments, and five in which you will do Inorganic Chemistry experiments. In each 5-week block, you have one free slot, which you can use as a catch-up session if needed, if you have missed a previous week. This manual describes the four Analytical Chemistry experiments. The experiment you do each week depends on your Laboratory Number, according to the timetable on page 3. You must read the relevant section of the lab book before you come to the laboratory each week. All practical work (including cleaning equipment and tidying up) must be completed by 5.30 p.m ., although answering questions can continue until 6 p.m. if necessary. Staff A member of the lecturing staff and a post-graduate student demonstrator will be at each end of the laboratory, to ensure that everyone is working safely, and to be on hand to answer your questions. The stores hatch, manned by technical staff, is open until 5.30 p.m. every day. We are here to help you — if you are unsure about anything, please do ask one of us, or a fellow student, even if you think your query is quite trivial. You are here to learn, and we much prefer to answer questions than deal with the accidents that might happen if you do not ask. Attendance You must attend all the practical classes for this course. Attendance will be recorded by a demonstrator at some time during the course of the afternoon (from 3pm to 5:30pm). If you leave before the attendance register is taken, you will be presumed to be absent. You may be excluded from the degree examinations if you are absent more than twice in any half-session. If you are ill, you must submit a medical certificate. For absences of 11 days or less, you may fill in a “self-certification slip” within one week of your absence from the laboratory , For longer absences a letter from your GP or equivalent is required. Your marks will be adjusted to take account of any lab session(s) and catch-up slots that you
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Analytical Chemistry Manual - University of Aberdeen...

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