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NU210 syllabus winter 2009-2010

NU210 syllabus winter 2009-2010 - MSOE SCHOOL OF NURSING...

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MSOE SCHOOL OF NURSING SYLLABUS Winter Quarter, 2009/10 Course Title Concepts of Health and Professional Nursing Practice Course Number NU-210 Logistics Section One: M T F 3:00-3:50, S358 Course Coordinator Linda Young, MSN, RN, CFLE Office S204 414-277-4531 (office) [email protected] Faculty Heide Plagemann Bolek, MSN, BSN, RN Office: S200 C 414-277-2491 [email protected] Credits / Units 3-0-3 Placement Sophomore Level Students Prerequisites EN-131 Catalog Description This course introduces students to the nursing profession from a social policy and standards of practice perspective. Nursing frameworks inclusive of the nursing process and Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns are discussed. Students also explore health of individuals across the lifespan in present day American society. Using a health model to guide change, students engage in a behavioral change project to promote their own health. Course Overview This sophomore level course examines professional nursing practice and health. Students will come to understand professional nursing in relation to society. This course will examine nursing as a profession inclusive of nursing process, standards of professional nursing practice, standards of professional performance, critical thinking, and ethics. Health will be studied from the perspective of the individual. Students will critically reflect upon their lifestyle and personal health risks using the health model as the framework. This course will provide students with the opportunity to learn health promotion models that will help them discover and articulate their values and beliefs about health and wellness. By the end of the course, students will analyze their level of success with their lifestyle change. 1
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Course Outcomes At the completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Discuss factors that promote healthy lifestyles and prevent illness for individuals across the lifespan. (Level Outcome 3) 2. Describe professional nursing practice in the context of the Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice and Nursing’s Social Policy Statement. (Level Outcome 4) 3. Explore the components of the nursing process . (Level Outcome 1) 4. Analyze personal health behavior using a health model. (Level Outcome 3, 9) 5. Discuss Functional Health Patterns as a framework for health assessment. (Level Outcome 1) 6. Describe the criteria that define a profession. (Level Outcome 4) 7. Describe the role of the nurse as a member of the health care system. (Level Outcome 4) 8. Demonstrate accountability and responsibility for self-directed learning. (Level Outcome 6) 9. Apply a health model to the personal change project. (Level Outcome 1) Evaluation Scale Quizzes (2) 15% Midterm Exam 25% Behavioral Change Project 25% Final Exam 35% Assignment: Professional Development Transcript Pass/No Pass Grading Scale 100 – 93 A 92 – 89 AB 88 – 85 B 84 – 81 BC 80 – 77 C 76 – 74 CD 73 – 70 D Below 70 F Grades below “C” (77%) in Nursing courses are considered not passing.
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