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Charles Ives First and most important teacher was his father, who had been a bandmaster during the Civil War and who was a professional musician afterwards. George Ives experimented with tuning, polytonality (playing songs or passages in two keys at once), placing players or groups of players in spaces far from each other; he did these things, said Charles, “to stretch our ears and strengthen our musical minds.” George also taught Charles about the importance of “substance, “ which was “a matter of putting your whole sol into the making of music, regardless of talent or skill.” A spiritual power. Went to Yale and studied with Horatio Parker, a member of the Second New England School. After school he went into insurance business, at which he was very successful, because he knew it would be hard to make a living writing the kind of music he was interested in writing. Not much of his work was performed until late in his life, although he composed prolifically. Used American themes, American songs – patriotic, popular, folk – in his work. Had no
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