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Growing American Identities Louis Moreau Gottschalk Antebellum composer from New Orleans •Reflected the diversity of New Orleans culture in his music (French, African- American, Caribbean, Creole, European and European- American) Studied piano in France, where he also began to compose works for the piano based on American themes and rhythms, including cakewalks and Caribbean dance types (habenera, etc.), minstrel and patriotic songs, parlor songs, etc. Brilliant pianist •“In the annals of American composers, he is known for bringing indigenous, or folk, themes and rhythms into music written for the concert hall” (203). •First to exploit product endorsement (Chickering pianos) Also savvy at music publishing His music was well received in Europe but seen as a novelty in the U.S., where he began touring in 1853. •An early example of a New World presence in the Old World Blended grass-roots flavor of New World rhythms and melodies with the elegant sounds and textures of French pianism and music (which were not as highly regarded in the U.S. as German practices)
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AmericanIdentities - Growing American Identities Louis...

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