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MusicOfEnslavedAfricans - Music of Enslaved Africans(quotes...

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Music of Enslaved Africans (quotes with citations are from the text unless otherwise noted) Most Africans brought to North America were from West Central Africa 1 st Africans brought to North America in 1619 (one year before the Pilgrims settled in New England) Although the African peoples brought to North America came from many different cultures with different languages, religions, and customs, they shared some similarities in cultural expression and, out of necessity, bonded in a sense of community once here. “It now seems clear that Africa-saturated oral traditions were maintained through slavery” (70). “In both North and South, religion loomed large in black-white relations. . . . Generally . . . Christian leaders favored the conversion of blacks” (71). We can’t be sure what the early music of enslaved Africans sounded like because it wasn’t recorded and transcription was neither easy nor accurate. But many styles were preserved into the early age of recording, and these traditions offer a good suggestion of what the music sounded like.
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