Populism2 - Populism part 2 folk and other traditions Roots...

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Populism, part 2: folk and other traditions Roots of country music: •First called “Old Time Music •Then called “Hillbilly music ,” after Al Hopkins, when asked what the name of his string band was, said, “Call the band anything you want. We’re nothin’ but a bunch of hillbillies from North Carolina and Virginia anyway.” •After cowboy music was added to the mix, it became known as “Country and Western .” •The “Western” eventually was dropped, and now it’s just “Country.” Whatever it was called, it was at first the music of rural southern working class whites Country songs , like the ballads many of them are rooted in, tell stories (the subjects of those stories are drawn largely from the contrasts listed above) 1927: Bristol recordings (made by Ralph Peer) gave the music its first two stars (or, rather, one star and one group that achieved star status) •Peer originally had come south to record black blues artists but was asked to record Fiddlin’ John Carson who was a local Atlanta celebrity. When the recording was a hige hit, he realized there was a market for hillbilly music and he went to Bristol to record a lot of it. •The Carter Family : A. P. Carter ; his wife Sara , who sang and played the autoharp; and his sister-in-law Maybelle , who sang and had a distinct style of playing the guitar in which she played the melody on the bass (low) strings and the harmony and the rhythm on the upper strings (“thumb-brush” style) that was very influential on later guitarists •A.P. collected, arranged, and copyrighted many folk
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Populism2 - Populism part 2 folk and other traditions Roots...

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