session1 - Spring 2009| Undergraduate Program Agenda...

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MGT 103 Product Marketing and Management Session 1 Spring 2009 | Undergraduate Program Professor Leif D. Nelson Agenda z Administrative Details z Seating Arrangements z Introduction to Marketing z Course Overview z Syllabus, requirements etc. z In August 2007, Starbucks switched the milk-default. z Formerly everyone defaulted to whole milk (3.7% milk fat), now they default to low fat (2% milk fat). What is Marketing, anyway? A dvertising S a les Prom otions Public relations Sponsorships Pricing Retailing D irect ma il Catalogues B illboard s E -com m erce Shopping channels Packaging Delivery Service R e r c h Partly…. C o u p n Some Perspectives… Historical Views of Marketing z In well-ordered states, storekeepers and salesmen are commonly those who are weakest in bodily strength and, therefore, of little use for any purpose. z Plato z Merchants are to be accounted vulgar, for they can make no profit except by a certain amount of falsehood. z Cicero z Advertising…is a meretricious endeavor in which psychological appeals to “fear” and “shame” are developed to bamboozle the public into purchasing essentially worthless packaged goods at bloated prices.
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This note was uploaded on 01/04/2010 for the course MGT 103 taught by Professor Nelson during the Spring '08 term at UCSD.

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session1 - Spring 2009| Undergraduate Program Agenda...

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