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BILD 100 Section 3 Study questions 1. Describe, in detail , bacterial transcription including the importance of specific promoters, sigma, and both rho-dependent and rho-independent termination. 2. Detail the differences between eukaryotic and bacterial transcription including differences in promoters, polymerases, termination, and post-transcriptional processesing. 3. Describe the nature of the genetic code (including degeneracy and synonymous codons) and be prepared to to convert DNA sequence to RNA sequence to amino acid sequence. 4. Describe the structure and charging of tRNA. What is meant by isoaccepting tRNA. 5. Describe DNA wobble and give some examples 6. Describe differences between how bacterial and eukaryotic mRNAs attach and align on the small ribosomal subunit for translation. 7. Describe, in detail , the steps of bacterial translation. 8. Contrast somatic and germ-line mutations 9. Be prepared to define, recognize, and give examples of transitions and transversions. 10. Describe differences between point mutations and frameshift mutations. 11. Describe the nature of trinucleotide repeats including the importance of allelic expansion, anticipation, and gene slippage in the progression of these diseases 12. Detail Huntington’s syndrome and Fragile-X Syndrome as examples of trinucleotide repeat pathologies. 13. Contrast the various types of nucleotides substitutions ) Missense,sense,nonsense,silent,neutral) 14. Describe differences between intragenic and intergenic suppressor mutations. 15. What three factors are critical in determining mutation rates? What is the mutation rate for
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BILD100section3studyguide - BILD 100 Section 3 Study...

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