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Cancer Story: What is cancer? 1. What is your lifetime risk of getting cancer? Male: Female: 2. How do cells normally function within a tissue? 3. What happens if one cell decides to divide without regard to the other cells in a tissue? 4. All of cancer cells of a tumor come from one “renegade” cell (T/F) 5. If your skin cancer spreads to the brain, is this now called brain cancer? What is it called? 6. What type of cancer is colon cancer? Why is it named this? 7. Are all polyps cancerous? 8. Using the car analogy, explain how the loss of a tumor suppressor gene, the gain of an oncogene, and becoming immortal can lead to uncontrolled cell growth.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What is metastasis? 10. What is the most likely place for colon cancer metastasis? Why? 11. What are the three main cancer treatment options? 12. What is the term for cell suicide? 13. Carcinogens can be mutagens or promoters. Explain the difference and use this to explain how smoking and drinking alcohol can lead to increase in throat cancer. 14. What is angiogenesis? Why is it important for tumors? 15. Name the six hallmarks of cancer discussed in this video. a. . b. . c. . d. . e. . f. ....
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