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1 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering Spring Semester 2008 Instructor: Filip C. Filippou CE 121 – Advanced Structural Analysis Homework Set #11 (due April 18, 2008) 1. Problem (10 points) The degree of static indeterminacy of the structural model in the figure is NOS=2. Elements a through c can be assumed as inextensible, while element d has axial stiffness EA of 5,000 units. Elements a through c have flexural stiffness EI of 25,000 units. Use the force method of analysis with redundant basic forces as shown to solve for the following two load cases:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. A concentrated force of 25 units at the tip, as shown. 2. A unit elongation of element d. For each load case draw the bending moment diagram, and determine the vertical translation at the tip of the cantilever, i.e. at node 4. For the first load case draw the deformed shape of the structure under the applied force. Scale the elongation of element d, so as to eliminate the tip deflection under the combined effect of the concentrated force at the tip and the prestressing. For this combined load case determine the support reactions and check global equilibrium. 8 4 6 1 2 3 4 a b c d 25...
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