Hwrk_14-08 - EI=100,000 units. The brace element d has...

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1 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering Spring Semester 2008 Instructor: Filip C. Filippou CE 121 – Advanced Structural Analysis Homework Set #14 (due May 9, 2008) 1. Problem (2 points) For the structure in the figure, which is the same as the second problem of the last homework, set up the initial force vector 0 P for two separate load cases: (a) uniformly distributed element load of 5 units in element c, as shown in the figure (b) thermal curvature 3 0 210 κ =⋅ in the girder, i.e. in elements b and c. For this question assume that the flexural stiffness of the girder is 50,000 g EI = units. 4 4 6 1 3 2 4 EI EA EI w=5 EI a b c c g g
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2 2. Problem (8 points) The structure in the figure consists of inextensible elements a, b, and c with flexural stiffness
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Unformatted text preview: EI=100,000 units. The brace element d has axial stiffness EA = 30,000 units. Use the displacement method of analysis to answer the following questions, even though the force method would involve less equations: 1. Identify the independent free global dofs. 2. Determine the coefficients of the stiffness matrix for the structure (it should be a 4x4 matrix). 3. Solve for the global dof displacements under the given uniformly distributed element load. 4. Determine the basic forces and draw the bending moment diagram. 5. Determine the maximum and minimum moment in element c. 6. Draw the deformed shape of the structure under the given loading. 7. Determine the support reactions and check global equilibrium. 8 8 6 a b c d 1 2 3 4 w=5...
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Hwrk_14-08 - EI=100,000 units. The brace element d has...

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