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Life is a Dream 1 - In Life is a Dream, Calderon uses...

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In Life is a Dream , Calderon uses contrast and juxtaposition to create a confusing and complicated context, and then poses the question of how to make sense of and differentiate between two different states. In Act 1, there is a motif of ‘hybridity’, or the coexistence of two or more things not normally paired together, which contributes to the permeable boundaries between life and death, dream-states and reality, and the natural and human worlds. There is a repeated occurrence of an existence between two states, somewhat like a state of limbo, which provides the challenge of deciphering indistinct boundaries. Monologues with embedded stories Dissolves concept of time Complicates plot Life is a Dream itself is breaking away from the rigid model of drama, as an ‘altered’ version of the historical standard Clotaldo (1.iv.395) launches into the story of his son Astolf (1.v.530) tells story of King Basil to Stella, flashback Hybridity Physical example of hippogriff Combination of horse and griffin (lion’s body, eagle’s head and wings) Rosaura uses the word metaphorically to describe her horse Minotaur Combination of bull and human Referred to by “the tangled maze” Segismund is a hybrid of the living and the dead Rosaura refers to Segismund as a “live cadaver” (1.ii.93) Segismund refers to himself as a “living skeleton” (1.ii.202) His life is so wretched and miserable that it hardly deserves the classification
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Life is a Dream 1 - In Life is a Dream, Calderon uses...

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